Saturday, 26 March 2011

Istituto Statale E.Montale III ALT

This is our class. Here we are in our school garden.

In our school we study many foreign languages, and we love getting in touch with other students all over the world.

We are twenty seventeen-year-old students: fifteen girls and five boys. We love taking part in projects and international initiatives. We have recently taken part in a beautiful Comenius meeting with students coming from eight different countries and we have had a great time with them. Our school is located in Pontedera a small town in the centre of Italy, between Pisa and Florence.

The leaning tower in Pisa is one of our best known symbols.

Our region is really beautiful and we love it very much. It is full of art and lovely landscapes. We decided to take part in this interesting project together with our Ph E. teacher and we are rehearsing very seriously.

Traditional dances however are not really popular among young people in Pontedera. We will send our video to the local authorities too, so we hope to be able to contribute to the revival of traditional dances in Tuscany