Saturday, 5 March 2011


We are children from 4th grade class in Ginés Morata school, located in Almería (an Andalousian city).Our school has got 300 students, from 3 to 10 years old, and 15 teachers.
There are a library, a green house, a music classroom and a gym. Everything is new because the school was built 2 years ago.
The C.E.I.P. Ginés Morata is a bilingual English-Spanish school, our pupils start learning English at 3 years old. We are very interested in promoting foreign languages and new tecnologies.
It proposes several extracurricular activities such as sports (swimming, basketball and karate), dance and computers. Teachers are worried about creativity and motivation so they participate in some national projects (new tecnologies, health, ecologie, or newspapers )
Almeria is a small city located in the South of Spain. There are 150,000 inhabitants. The most important economics activities in our city are related to the warm weather we can enjoy 12 months a year. These activities are tourism (We have got very beautiful beaches) and agriculture ( we produce a lot of vegetables wich you can eat in many European countries).

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Georgios Konstantinou said...

Hello Maria. Nice to meet you here.Your school looks very nice!