Thursday, 26 May 2011

Italian traditional dance "Trescone" - Istituto Statale “E. Montale” - Italy


For many years the commonly held belief in this country has been that the body of Italian folk music contains little more than "the" tarantella, Santa Lucia, and a few other choreographed dances and songs in proper Italian. Many other traditional dances have survived in our regions and among them Trescone, which was very popular in the Tuscan countryside. It is a really old dance probably introduced in Italy by the Germans around the year 1000 or even before and the name refers to the threshing the corn with your feet, a very common activity in rural Italy. In this courting dance the movements of the women are very graceful while those of the men are quite awkward. Thanks to the project the students have had the opportunity to get in touch with this almost forgotten world and they hope you will enjoy “Trescone” with them.

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Georgios Konstantinou said...

Good luck from Dimotiko sxoleio Agias Napas Cyprus!We enjoyed your dance.